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7 Best Landmarks in Tabriz, Iran

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One of the best tourist destinations, when you travel to Iran, is Tabriz city in East-Azerbaijan province in the northwest of Iran. Tabriz is home to a lot of historical landmarks and amazing natural sceneries. The people in Tabriz are originally Azeri and speak in the Azerbaijani-Turkish language. They are very hospitable and kind and have a lot of delicious cuisines and a unique culture; A mixture of Persian, Turkish, and Azerbaijani!

If you traveled to Iran, It is highly recommended to stay a few days in Tabriz to see all of the landmarks and make a lot of good memories of your stay and maybe take great photos to remember all the moments when you came back home.

Here’s are the top 7 landmarks you have to visit when you are in Tabriz city, although some of them are near the city, just a few hours drive away. Hotels in Tabriz usually provide you with a tour and tour guide to show you around the city as well as landmarks near Tabriz.

1. Kabud Historical Mosque

Kabud Historical Mosque in Tabriz

Kabud Historical Mosque in Tabriz is a unique mosque all over Iran due to its architecture & design. “Kabud” is a Persian word that means purple color (or a mixture of purple & dark blue) and Kabud Mosque got its name because of the color of its inner dome. It is designed with purpled colored tiles and you can instantly see the beauty of it upon entering the structure. Kabud historical mosque has a lot of stories that you have to hear when you are looking at the sheer size of the dome and the beauties of its architectural design.

2. Mehr Ancient Temple of Maragheh

Mehr Ancient Temple in Maraghe near Tabriz

Mehr Temple is an underground prehistoric monument carved straight down into the rocks by ancient Iranian Mithraism worshippers. There are a lot of rooms and halls in Mehr Temple, each serving a specific purpose. There are dining rooms, bedrooms, praying rooms, stables, and morgues that you can see when you enter this mysterious underground monument. Mehr Temple is located in Maragheh county near Tabriz city and it’s one of the less-known tourist attractions in Iran.

3. El Gülü Historical Palace & Garden

El-Gulu Historical Palace & Garden in Tabriz

El Gölü, El guli, or Shahgoli, depending on Azerbaijani or Persian pronunciation, is a Historical Palace and Garden in Tabriz city that is the cornerstone of this beautiful city. El Gölü is built in the middle of the lake in the park and is a symbolic structure that reflects the flourishing city of Tabriz in the old times. This particular structure is especially beautiful during the night.

4. Tabriz Municipal Historical Building

Tabriz Historical Municipal Building

A beautiful landmark in Tabriz city is its Historical Municipal Building and its famous clock tower. Located in the center of Tabriz, this beautiful building is a symbol of modern Iranian architecture. It still serves as Tabriz municipal building but it is also open to the public to visit. Tabriz Municipal Historical Building also has a museum of photography with a lot of old cameras that are unique and fantastic to visit.

5. Amir-Nezam Historical Palace

Amir-Nezam Historical Palace in Tabriz

Amir-Nezam Historical Palace and Museum is one of the best places you can visit in Tabriz. It is a spectacular house with a lot of exhibits in its museum that could be a great experience if you visit and learn more about the story behind this place. Amir-Nezam Historical Palace has a lot of rooms each serving a specific purpose. Many historical houses in Iran are actually built in a way that all rooms are connecting via a big yard or garden, much like Amir-Nezam Hosue in Tabriz.

6. Saint Stepanos Historical Church of Jolfa

Saint Stepanus Historical Church in Jolfa near Tabriz

Another example of historical churches in Iran like The Vank Historical Church in Isfahan is the Saint Stepanos Historical Church in Jolfa county. It is an example of Armenian architecture mixed with Iranian design. Jolfa is a small border city near Tabriz. It is located in the north o East-Azerbaijan province and is the home to this beautiful historical landmark. Not only the church itself is a beauty but also the area surrounding it as well as the path leading up to is a mesmerizing scenery for visitors & tourists.

7. Kandowan Rocky Village in Osku

Kandowan Rocky Village in Osku near Tabriz

One of the famous villages in Osku county near Tabriz city is the Rocky Village of Kandowan. This village is a mysterious one and is also dates back to ancient times. Kandowan village has a lot of houses that are carved into the cone-like rocks. Each house is a cave inside the cone-shaped rocks. The mysterious thing about this village is the way ancient people carved their way into the rocks; Solid rocks! How could people of that time do this? What tools did they use for this massive task? That is the question that made many historians busy in Iran. If you visited Kandowan village in Osku, don’t forget to try their special cousins and local snacks.

Ending Thoughts

Tabriz, for sure, is one of the best places you can visit when you are traveling around Iran. This city is less known among many groups of tourists but those who actually went there have had a lot of good time and brought back many precious memories and souvenirs. If you are planning to travel to Iran, don’t forget the beauties of Tabriz and make room in your itinerary and stay a few days in this beautiful city. If you have ever traveled to Tabriz, feel free to share a few memories of your trip in the comment section. Please tell me which landmark you like the most and visiting which place made you say “Awwwwww….”

Thanks & Have Fun!

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