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9 Reasons to Adventure Around Iran

  • Mehdi 

Iran is not only famous for its historical landmarks but also for its spectacular natural locations and the potentials it has for amazing adventure & exploration opportunities. I’ve traveled around Iran and I can tell you more than 1000 reasons why you should travel to this country. There are a lot of places you should see and lots of things to do, but adventuring and exploring remote places is one of the top ones that I’m going to talk about here today.

There is a lot to explore. There are deserts, jungles, and ruins. A good location, for example, is the North of Iran, which is full of mysteries. The sky is the limit when it comes to adventuring around Iran, and to see it all, well, no one has ever done such a thing! I selected 9 photos, each resembling a reason why you should travel to Iran and start adventuring in the remote nature anywhere in the country. So let’s get going and pack up for an amazing journey.

1. Enjoy a Cup of Persian Tea in the Silence of Nature

Sitting by the Fire in the Remote Nature of Iran

No adventure begins in Iran without packing a sufficient amount of Persian Tea and an old rusty teapot hanging from the backpack. In every journey I had off the beaten track, I always stopped by a pond or fountain to make a cup of tea on a log fire. It makes you refresh and gives you a lot of energy to counties on your way. The beauty of Iran’s natural ecosystem, especially around Birjand City, is the spectacular oases in the middle of deserts where you can find a fountain (or Qanat) with drinking water, perfect to stay a bit and make a cup of tea.

2. Adventure Deep Within Fertile Valleys in the Middle of Barren Lands

Remote Nature Around Iran

It’s obvious that if you travel to a tropical location, you would see a lot of evergreen forests and dense jungles with amazing climates. But what if I tell you there are places in Iran where fertile valleys with green forests and perfect climate are located right in the middle of a barren desert. It is common to see such places in Iran on any of your adventures around deserts. The temperature difference between the desert and the bottom of the valleys is clearly noticeable. One of the spectacular valleys is located in the middle of the Rig-Jen desert. Rig-Jen is a well-known desert in Iran where the temperature can reach up to 70 degrees Celsius while the temperature down in the valley is between 20 to 30 degrees. Down there, you can find water, green grass, and fruitful trees. If you have ever encountered one of these valleys, don’t forget to spend a night and enjoy the beauty of nature while drinking a cup of Persian tea.

3. Climb Mountains to Experience the Beauty in One Shot

Iran Natural Sceneries & Landmarks

Iran is home to some of the highest mountains, like Damavand mountain, that attract a lot of people around the world who like to accept the challenge of climbing them. But while that’s suitable for professionals, you can climb simpler mountains to enjoy the beauty of the ground beneath you. In all locations you travel to, there are mountains and hill to climb to see the entire locale from above. It could be a great opportunity to take a few photos and spend a few hours enjoying the scenery.

4. Spend Some Wild Hours on Desert Sands

Adventuring in Different Deserts in Iran

On my various adventures in different Less Known Deserts in Iran, I learned a good valuable lesson. A hostile environment like deserts can have its own kind of beauty. A vast part of Iran is covered with a desert ecosystem and hot & dry climate, home to many natural locations and locale to explore and adventure and discover the mysterious ruins and spots. If you are ready for a challenge like exploring deserts and their harsh nature, then you can have a good time and an amazing adventure in any of the deserts in central Iran. What I enjoy doing when I travel to a desert is simpler than it sounds. Riding an ATV or an Offroader on sands, rolling down the dunes, spending the night by the fire & silence, and night photography.

5. Watch The Charm of Milky Way Galaxy in the Dark Nights

Milky Way Galaxy

A part of adventuring in remote locations in Iran is the silence of the dark nights and the sky empty from any light pollutions. When you are in a remote place away from any city or village, the sky is something unfamiliar than what you are used to it when living in a city. It’s darker, with more shining stars, and unbelievably beautiful. On your, adventure, spend a few nights away from all the modern life and modern struggles and see the real face of sky and space. On a clear night, like the one in the picture above, you can easily see the beauty of the Milky Way Galaxy, great for taking some photos of the shining stars. Just set the camera, focus the lens to infinite, open the shutter for 30 seconds, and relax!

6. Withness the Beauty of Perseid Meteor Shower

2017 Perseid Meteor Shower

Iran is always a great country to spot the climax of The Perseid Meteor Shower. I took the photo above back in 2017 during the Perseid meteor shower after hundreds and thousands of attempts of catching one falling down the sky in my camera. My efforts weren’t in vain when the camera shutter was open and this bright meteor fell leaving an unbelievably shining tail that lit the entire area I was in. It was one of my best experiences witnessing such a meteor shower and being able to capture one in a photo that can last for ages. The story behind this photo is an adventure far from any city and city-light solutions, under the darkest sky. I was lucky too because the sky was completely clear from any clouds, enabling me to take photos to capture the big fall.

7. Pack Your Bags for a Wildlife Spotting Adventure

Iran Wildlife & Animal Spotting and Watching

Iran is home to many kinds of wildlife, including a number of unique ones like the Persian Leopard, which are protected in their habitats by Environment Preservation Guards. While animal hunting is extremely prohibited, animal spotting and watching wildlife is encouraged. There are many protected zones in Iran where tourists can get in after hiring a local guide to spot and photograph the wildlife. However, it is extremely hard and you should be really lucky to spot one since wild animals can easily smell & sense the presence of humans and won’t get out of their shelter. If you wanted to go animal spotting in Iran, don’t forget three things: First, a good pair of benaculars. Second, have an approximation of wind direction and sit toward the wind. And third, be patient!

8. See The Unbelievable Beauties of Creatures Glowing in The Night

A Glowing Scorpion Under UV Black Light

Animal spotting isn’t always hard if you are looking in the right type. Spotting larger animals like gazelles, leopards, wolves, and bears is, for sure, really hard. But finding and photographing smaller creatures are enjoyable and interesting too. Take this photo of a scorpion for example. I had a specific adventure just for sporting scorpions at night under UV lights because I read an article online about these creatures glowing under blacklight. I just wanted to see it with my own eyes so I took a trip where I could find some dangerous scorpions to take some photos when they glow under UV blacklight.

9. Adore the Cuteness of Nature in The Eyes of Night Wanderers

A Green Poisonous Frog

Exploring the wild, no matter in Iran or any other places around the world does come with a number of dangers. Getting lost in nature, running out of food or water, or encountering wild animals. These are the obvious ones, but there are more dangers to any adventure that may not be so obvious. I like to look at these dangers as the beauty of exploration. Take this cute green frog for example. We found this little guy around our campsite on one of our adventures. You can see that my friend held the frog with a pair of safety gloves. Do you know why? Because this cute frog is one of the most poisonous ones that is usually found in the South-Khorasan province, camouflaging among the rocks near fountains and ponds. It’s not dangerous that much to kill or hurt you badly, but if you touch it with a bare hand you will get a pretty itchy rash for the next two or three days.

Final Thoughts

If you are about to embark on an adventure, Iran is a good place to start. There are a lot of unknown places to explore and lots of remote locations to visit in an amazing adventure. In this article, I showed you the top 9 reasons why you should start your adventure trip with Iran and why this country is the best location to explore before anywhere else. If you are going to start your adventure in Iran, please tell me in the comment section which place you are going to visit first. Also, tell me which of these photos are your favorite ones. If you have any questions regarding Iran and adventuring around Iran, feel free to ask me here. I will answer as soon as possbiel.

Thanks & Have Fun!

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