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About me

For someone who used to travel a lot around Iran, it’s pretty hard to stay home due to the pandemic, but I like to play it safe and stay home until everything is over. I prefer not to put myself or others at risk by haphazardly traveling around. Well, that’s me!

Travel with Mehdi

Hi. My name is Mehdi. I am from Iran but don’t call me names!

The story began on March 16, 2017, when I decided to travel around Iran and make videos talking about all the historical & natural landmarks around my country. I created a YouTube Channel called “Travel with Mehdi” and started posting videos of my travels & adventures.

However, everything came to an early end at the end of 2017 due to a big obstacle called “Mandatory Military Service” that I had to serve for a minimum of 18 months.

With that behind me, I was ready to take up all the work again and start filming, this time worldwide, starting from Turkey, but suddenly Covid-19 happened and everything stopped to a deadly halt.

Currently, the tourism industry is recovering slowly but the threat is still there, So I decided to stay in Turkey and wait for all to blow over. I decide to run this website to cope with all the lockdowns and quarantines.

When I started, I had a purpose, and now I have the same Purpose with some alterations. I still want to travel. I still want to see the world and make videos, but until that time, I’ll be here just talking about them!