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The Purpose

When I started Travel with Mehdi back in early 2017, I had a purpose that fueled my motivation to continue doing what I was doing. My original purpose was to introduce my country with all its cultures, traditions, history, and nature to everyone.

Travel with Mehdi

That was a simple goal but achieving it required a lot of work. I started traveling around Iran, documenting all historical & natural landmarks as well as culture and traditions in form of films & photographs.

After all the things that happened from then up until today, I haven’t forgotten my purpose. I just see & film the world, or at least that was what I wanted to do.

I decided to start traveling around the world by the end of 2019 and started from Turkey, which is full of historical landmarks and has a rich culture and a lot of traditions unlike anywhere else, but as I wanted to start filming, Covid-19 happened and everything stopped.

Now, I am waiting for the pandemic to over so I can start from scratch, and until then, I’m here talking about it instead of making films.