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Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Kashan, Iran

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Kashan is another city in Isfahan province in Iran and just like Isfahan City, it is filled with a lot of historical landmarks that attract tourists from all over the globe. Kashan is famous for many things. The best are the collection of unique historical houses and floral waters & essential oils like rose water and rose oil. A culture is formed around such products in Kashan, usually accomponied by special events and celebrations from picking flowers to extracting their oil and essence.

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Also, Kashan is one of the first cities that I’ve visited when I started traveling around Iran around 8 years ago. This was my first experience traveling for the sake of visiting all historical landmarks and getting to know more about my country’s culture & traditions. I was there around a week and visited many places and witnessed many traditional events, but the top 7 places that I think every tourist should visit are listed in this article.

1. Tabatabaie Historical House

Tabatabaie Historical House in Kashan

One of the most beautiful historical houses among all of them in Kashan is the Tabatabaie Historical House. It is a masterpiece of Persian architecture mixed with a touch of Islamic decorations & designs. This house has a vast front yard as well as a small backyard. From the front yard, you can access a mysterious cellar underneath the main building. No matter when you enter the cellar, in summer or winter, the temperature down there is always constant at 14 degrees celsius.

2. Fin Historical Palace & Gaden

Fin Historical Palace & Garden in Kashan

One of the top places to visit in Kashan is the Fin Historical Palace. This is one of the examples of Iranian architecture and garden design. The garden surrounding the Fin Palace is a spectacular one. It is so big that you can’t see the end of it from the entry gate. This is, without doubt, the number one place that every tourist visits as soon as they arrive in Kashan city.

3. Borujerdi Historical House

Borujerdi Historical House in Kashan

Borujerdi Historical House in Kashan is one of the places that make you say “Awwwwww…” as soon as you enter the building. It is a beautifully designed house with astonishing interior decorations and wall paintings. The level of attention to detail when this house was built is just out of this world. When you get in, take a deep look at the magnificence of the dome in the main hall. The photo above just shows a small part of it but if you go there and see it, then you can understand what I am talking about!

4. Soltan Amir Ahman Historical Bath-House

Soltan Amir Ahman Historical Bath-House in Kashan

Soltan Amir Ahmat Historical Bath-House, like Vakil public bath-house in Shiraz City, is one of the places that had a lot of purposes in the old times. There were barbers, Dallaks (traditional masseuse), dentists, and Hakims (traditional doctors) available to help people with their health problems. This place is one of the unique historical landmarks in Kashan and you should visit it if you traveled there.

5. Abiyaneh Historical Village

Abiyaneh Historical Village near Kashan

Abiyeneh Historical Village is one of the most beautiful villages to visit in Iran. It is located near Kashan city and it is one of the popular destinations for tourists around the world. Just like Masoule Village in the North of Iran and Kandowan Village near Tabriz City, Abiyaneh has its special traditions & culture and a lot of beautiful events and celebrations throughout the year. This village is not all about traditions & culture. There are a lot of historical and natural landmarks in & around the village that you can visit and have fun. One of the particular places you can visit is an ancient temple that you can go to by reserving an off-road tour from the hotel in the village. They will take you there by their 4X4 trucks and you can enjoy the way while you are having an amazing road trip.

6. Sialk Ancient Ruins

Sialk Ancient Ruins in Kashan

One of the mysterious places you can visit in Kashan is the Sialk Ancient Ruins. It is a historical hill that was once home to early humans. If you look at the ruins or go to the top of the hill by taking the designated path, you can see the remains of early civilizations that were once living here. It resembles the Cradle of Humankind in South Africa in many ways.

7. Nushabad Historical Stronghold

Nushabad Historical Stronghold near Kashan

There is a historical stronghold near Kashan city in Aran-Bidgol country. This county is also the place you have to go if you want to visit the Maranjab Desert one of the famous Deserts in Iran, but I will talk about that later. Nooshabad Historical Stronghold is one of the biggest remains of historical fortresses in Iran. Its structure is similar to the strongholds in Birjand City and if you like such landmarks, don’t forget to visit Nooshabad Stronghold near Kashan,

Final Thoughts

Kashan was one of the very first cities in Iran that I traveled to when I started traveling around Iran to learn more about my own culture & traditions. The best 7 places that I talked about in this article are just some of the many historical & natural landmarks in Kashan plus many traditional events and celebrations.

I think everyone who likes to travel to Iran, should visit Kashan alongside Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Yazd, and other top destinations in Iran. If you wanted to travel there, feel free to ask any questions you have. I’ll be happy to help you out and tell you whatever I know. Also, tell me in the comment section which photo you like more and which landmark in Kashan you’ll visit first.

Thanks & Have Fun!

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