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Why North of Iran is Perfect for Adventure?

  • Mehdi 

North of Iran, or “Shomal” as we call it, is a world of adventure. There are a lot of beautiful jungles, a variety of wildlife, historical landmarks, natural landscapes, and mysterious places among the dense forests that will amaze anyone who travels there. North of Iran is the place for you if you are interested to embark on an unknown adventure through the evergreen jungles and snap a lot of shots from the beauty of nature.

I traveled there numerous times, each journey for a specific purpose, to visit historical places, natural landmarks, and spotting wildlife. I ever got lost in the Golestan jungle for nearly a day but that’s a story for another post!

From the few hundred photos that I took throughout my journeys to the North of Iran, I chose 7 photos that clearly prove why “Shomal” is the perfect place for exciting adventures.

The Caspian Sea (Khazar Sea)

The Caspian (Khazar) Sea Shore in North of Iran

The first thing that makes north of Iran “The North of Iran” is the Caspian sea & seashore. We call the Caspian sea “Khazar” sea. Going to see Khazar is one of the things that almost every Iranian do during vacations. It is the symbol of the beauty and boom of the north of Iran. If you are traveling to Iran, it is most likely that your plane will land in Tehran city (the capital of Iran) where you can easily go to any provinces in the north, like Golestan, Mazandaran, or Gilan to start your adventure there. The closest city to Tehran is Chalous which is about 3 to 4 hours by car. The road trip is also spectacular and full of beautiful scenaries.

Dense Evergreen Forests

Nour Jungle - Mazandaran Province - North of Iran

As you enter any of the provinces in the north, you will see green forests and fields are slowly starting and the your surroundings slowly change to dense evergreen forests filled with tall trees covering the green grass underneath. Add a light rain or a drizzle and your road trip would never be better. There are a lot of jungles in the North of Iran, each with their own beauties and mysteries. If you planned to stay the night in any of them, make sure you are camping somewhere safe since wild animals are living in the forests.

Mysterious Paths Among Trees

Nour Jungle - Mazandaran Province - North of Iran

No adventure would get exciting without exploring deep into the jungles looking for mysterious places. Jungles in the North of Iran are home to many of these mysteries. Imagine a pathway in the middle of the forest appearing out of nowhere and leading to an abandoned wooden hut. Well! If you explore the forests here, there are a lot of them; Perfect location for filming a horror movie. Just remember to have a local guide with you if you want to find your way back. You can easily get lost in the deep dense forests and that’s not something you want. I once got lost in the Golestan forest for 22 hours and that 22 hours felt like a decade for me until I managed to find a way back to the main road!

Masouleh Village

Masouleh Historical Village near Rasht - Gilan Province - North of Iran

A beautiful place that I always suggest tourists visit in the North of Iran is the Masouleh Historical Village. Like Abiyaneh Village near Kashan City or Kandowan Village near Tabriz City, Masouleh is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit. Not only the village itself is a great place with all the houses built on top of each other by the size of the mountain, but also the surrounding forest make the place a spectacular one. Masouleh Historical Village is one of the landmarks that are famous around the world for both the layout of the village and the special ceremonies and events like traditional weddings.

Spectacular Sceneries Everywhere

The Spactacular Sceneries of North of Iran

Everything about the North of Iran is beautiful. It doesn’t matter which part of the north you are in if you take an exit to the countryside, there is always something exciting & beautiful to see. Or just climb any hill in any area around the countryside to see a fantastic view filled with mist and fog; Something like those places you just see in a dream!

A Stairway in the Heart of Jungle

Stairway to Rudkhan Historical Fortress near Rasht - Gilan Province - North of Iran

Near Rash city in The North of Iran (Gilan Province), there is a locale called Rudkhan where you can find a long stairway up the hill ending to an amazing historical landmark. I will talk about the landmark in the next photo, but this stairway, by itself, is one of the beauties of the north. It runs through the dense forest, and halfway up the hill, you begin to feel a light mist on your skin. It is a pretty amazing feeling if you ask me. There are about 1000 steps and if you are a fit person, you’ll make it up there in about 45 minutes if you’re not in a hurry. It took me about an hour to reach the top, but my friend, who is a “sky-runner” or something, went up there in 15 minutes!

Rudkhan Historical Fortress

Rudkhan Historical Fortress near Rashed - Gilan Province - North of Iran

After climbing a 1000-step stairway (It was actually 1090. I counted all of them because I had too much time!) you will see a huge gate a massive walls & towers. The stairway leads to the Rudkhan Historical Fortress or The Castle of 1000-Steps as some locals indicated. Rudkhan Fortress is one of the beautiful historical landmarks in Iran. In design 7 structure, it resembles historical strongholds in Birjand City but deep in the heart of an evergreen forest. If you ever traveled to the North of Iran and visited Runkhan Fortress, don’t forget to check out the back of the fortress. The view is just amazing with all the fogs and clouds in the valley beneath.

Ending Thoughts

The North of Iran is one of the best places, not just for Iranians, but for all tourists around the globe. It is the perfect place to start an amazing adventure because there are a lot of things to explore and see. If you like to travel to the North of Iran, feel free to ask any question you want about this place. I’ll be glad to help you out. Also, don’t forget to tell me in the comment section which photo you did you like more and tell me about your plans to visiting the North of Iran if you have any.

Thanks & Have Fun!

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